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Cancer Of The Liver

Cancer Of The Liver

I give all the glory to God for giving me the opportunity to testify of His mercy on

me and to declare that the healing power of God remains the same through the ages.

This has been confirmed by His divine touch upon my life.

It happened that I began to feel serious pain in my stomach and within days,

my stomach became distended and was filled with fluid. I was eventually

admitted into the hospital and after series of tests and x-rays; I was diagnosed to have cancer of the liver.

The doctors working on my case were pessimistic about my recovery based on the facts revealed to them by different examinations.

After draining the water in my stomach (about 20 liters of fluid) and without administration of drug,

I was discharged from the hospital to await further tests they were to carry out.

Through prayer intercessions, God’s healing power touched me and the cancer disappeared.

When I was invited back to the hospital, the medical team working on my case was amazed to

find out the cancer nodules on my liver have all disappeared but instead found a clear and smooth (new liver)!

This experience still remains in the memory of the medical personnel of the Hospital till today as “an exceptional case”.

I am alive today to give this living testimony of God’s great divine power. I give the Lord God all the glory. (Member of The Lord’s Vine).